51 Amazing Facts About Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 You need to Know Before World Cup Starts

51 facts About FIFA World Cup you need to know-min

This is the first time Middle East Country Qatar is hosting the FIFA world cup, which is the largest sport event on the entire planet. Kingdom of Qatar and people of Qatar are very excited and eagerly waiting for this event like everyone else. There are many amazing facts about fifa world cup Qatar 2022 you need to know before it starts. Countdown of event have already started and the world is waiting for 20th of November 2022. Here we go.

1. Fifa World Cup Date Changed

Fifa world cup was scheduled to start from 21st of November, but in honour for host countries request to start world cup FIFA changed it’s schedule and National team of Qatar will play the first match of FIFA world cup 2022. This change happened just before 100 days of the tournament.

2. First World Cup in Arab World

This is the first time when any Arab country have received an honour to host FIFA world cup. Qatar is the country who will host world cup from middle east first time. The decision was given in 2010 by FIFA authorities and since then Qatar is preparing to host world cup spending tons of money since a decade.

3. Expected Visitors in Qatar

There is an expectation of 5 million people in Qatar in these months and an average of 1300 flights to enter Qatar on daily basis for a complete month.

This figure is almost double than the total population of Qatar which is 2.9 Million as of 2022.

4. Most Expensive World Cup Ever

FIFA World cup 2022 is the most expensive world cup ever. It is expected $220 billion will be spend in total till the event ends. It is almost 20 times than the previous world cup which was hosted by Russia with the budget of $12 Billion, and 60 times than 2010 world cup which was hosted by South Africa.

5. Ticket Cost

Ticket cost is almost double than the previous world cup. Final match ticket is $1607.46 which is 46% higher that the world cup final of 2018 which was held in Russia.

6. Qatar Football Stadium Costs

Qatar is going to spend almost $8-$10 billion on total 8 stadiums.

Al Bayt Stadium – Reported cost $847m – Capacity: 60,000
Lusail Stadium – Reported cost: $767m- Capacity: 80,000
Al Janoub Stadium Reported cost: €587m Capacity: 40,000
Ahmed bin Ali Stadium – Reported cost: $360m – Capacity: 40,000
Education City Stadium Cost: $700m – Capacity: 40,000
Stadium 974 Capacity: 40,000 (Qatar’s international dialling code Stadium)
Khalifa International Stadium – Reported cost: varies from £70m to £280m+ – Capacity: 45,416
Al Thumama Stadium – Reported cost: $342.5m – Capacity: 40,000
Qatar built first GSAS five rated – Education City Stadium

7. First Winter World Cup

This is the first time world cup is being played in winter to avoid extreme temperature of June, July in Qatar. Normally temperature of Qatar is 106 Degree F in June and it will be approximately 84-86 Degree F in November.

8. Air Conditioning in Stadium

Air conditioning systems will work in Qatar Stadiums to avoid extreme temperature of Qatar.

9. Can Fans Drink Alcohol in Qatar?

Alcohol drinking is not allowed in Qatar. If anyone found drinking alcohol in Public place he may be sentenced to jail for 6 months. But due to world cup Qatar government is going to provide fans drinking zones in various parts of country where they can drink without fear of getting caught. Qatar Government have officially announced special zone for drinking.

10. Which Teams Qualified for World Cup

Total of 32 teams qualify for FIFA world cup every tournament. These are the 32 teams which qualified for fifa world cup 2022 Qatar Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Uruguay, Croatia, Denmark, Mexico, the United States, Senegal, Wales, Poland, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Switzerland, Ghana, Korea Republic, Cameroon, Serbia, Canada, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ecuador.

13 Teams are qualified through European Qualifier Group

5 Teams are qualified through Asian Qualifiers Group

5 Teams are qualifed through African Qualifiers Group

4 Teams from South America and North America Each

1 Team from Oceania

11. Which Teams will Play their First Match in Tournament?

The host country Qatar will play first match with Ecuador from group A on 20th of November 2022

12. How Teams are Drawn in different Groups

32 teams are drawn in 8 different groups. Each winning team will get 3 points and loosing team will net none. While match draws each team will get 1 point each.

16 teams will qualify for Next round which is called round of 16. Then 8 teams will move to quarter finals from which 4 teams will be forwarded to semi-finals and there will be a final match between 2 teams which is being played on 18th December 2022.

13. How to get Tickets for FIFA World Cup?

You can visit Fifa.com official website of fifa to get tickets. 95% of the tickets were sold 1 month before the event.

14. Who is the most Expensive Player in World Cup 2022?

Kylian Mbappe is the highest valued player with 160 million Euros. Kylian Mbappe is a french footballer and won most recent world cup in 2018 as a player in France National Team.

15. Which is the most Valued Team in FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar?

England is the most valued team with the value of 1260 million euros.

16. Who are the best players missing in FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar?

Mohammed Salah is missing world cup 2022 because his nation Egypt did not qualify for fifa world cup. Another legend player Zlatan Ibrahimovic  a swedish player is missing in Fifa World cup and the reason in same Sweden did not qualify for world cup. And we have some players who might be missing fifa world cup due to injury or disqualification.

17. Biggest team to disqualify FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar.

Italy is the biggest team missing FIFA world cup with current rank 6 in list because of disqualification. Shockingly they are disqualifying from last 2 Cups and have won 4 FIFA World Cup which is just behind Brazil who have won 5 Cups in history.

18. Which players are playing their Last World Cup?

Legends of this Era Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi will be playing their last World Cup in this Qatar Tournament. Some other player like Thomas Muller, Neymar are the players who might play their last world cup in Qatar 2022.

19. Which team is most probably to win World Cup 2022 Qatar?

Brazil is said to win world cup with highest points on betting site with 450 points. Followed by France with 550 points. Brazil never won world cup after 2002 but they are 5 times winner and currently in great form. Same as France have won 4 titles and are 2018 Fifa World Cup winner.

20. Player to win Golden Boot probably.

England Harry Kane is the player who is on rank 1 on Ceasars Sportsbook with 600 points followed by Kylian Mbappe of France at second position with 900 points and Karim Benzema with 1000 points. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are at 1400 points.

21. Which Country Won the Most FIFA World Cups?

Brazil is the leading country to win 5 World Cups (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002), followed by Germany and Italy with 4-4 each. Germany in 1954,1974,1990, 2014 and Italy in 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006.

22. Which Country Won the First FIFA World Cup?

Uruguay is the country to win First FIFA World Cup which was held in 1930 and hosted by the same country Uruguay.

23. Which player have scored most goals in FIFA World Cup history?

Miroslav Klose is the German player to lead the list with 16 Goals in four World Cup tournaments, followed by Brazil’s Ronaldo who have scored 15 goals in 3 tournaments.

24. Last World Cup with 32 Teams.

The FIFA World Cup expanding in not new, it started with much lesser teams and till 1982 only 16 Teams used to qualify for FIFA World Cup. It expanded to 24 teams in 1982 then it went over to 32 teams in 1998 which last till 2022.

This is the last world cup with 32 teams next world cup which is being hosted by North America in 2026 will be played by 48 teams.

25. First World Cup without Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth was born in 1926 and World Cup started in 1930. She was also a FIFA fan and spectetor of World Cup. This is the first time World Cup without Queen Elizabeth.

26. Most Compact World Cup ever

Qatar is hosting world cup with only 8 Stadium in just 60 km radius, where fans can reach from 1 stadium to another in less than 90 minutes. Which makes it the most compact World Cup ever.

27. Least Number of Stadium

Qatar has organised all 64 matches in just 8 stadiums. Which is least in FIFA history.

28. First Country to host World Cup without playing it.

Qatar is the first country to host world cup in history without ever qualifying for world cup ever. This is the first time Qatar have qualified for FIFA world cup surprisingly.

29. Human Rights Violation in Qatar

News paper agency The Guardian have reported that over 6.5 thousand workers have died on construction sites while preparing for FIFA World Cup 2022. Many human rights agencies have reported this issue which made it most controversial world cup ever.

30. Corona Virus Vaccination

Only person vaccinated against corona virus will be allowed in Qatar for FIFA world cup which is obvious, so get vaccinated to it start.

31. LGBT Community

Homosexuality is not legal in Qatar. If anyone found doing such act will be sentenced to jail for atleast 7 years. That is why LGBT community is boycotting Qatar world cup.

But using LGBT flags and symbols are allowed by Qatar Emir.

32. How many people will watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar?

An estimated 5 Billion people will watch fifa world cup Qatar 2022 says FIFA boss says The Reuters.

33. How much alcohol is consumed during World Cup?

In tournament 2010 which was held in south Africa 3 million bottles of alcohol was sold near the stadiums. Which is approximately 750,000 litres, and approximately 390,500 hot dogs were sold in the same premises.

34. $42 Million for winning team.

Winning team will receive $42 million in prize money which is increased by $4 million as compared to 2018 which was won by France i.e. $38 million.

Below Table is based on Money break down by FIFA

2022 World Cup QatarPrize Money (USD)
Group Stage $9 Million
Round of 16$13 Million
Quarterfinals$17 Million
Fourth Place $25 Million
Third Place$27 Million
Second Place$30 Million
Final Winner$42 Million
FIFA World Cup Prize

35. How many Referees will be active in FIFA World Cup 2022?

There will be a total of 36 Referees, 69 assistant referees and 24 video match appointed for FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar.

36. Is there a country who have qualified for every World Cup?

Yes, Brazil is the only country who have qualified for every world cup ever played in history.

37. Has the United States ever won the World Cup?

No, United states have never won the world cup but they have achieved to reach at 3rd place in 1930 World Cup.

38. Has United States ever hosted World Cup?

Yes, United States have hosted world Cup in 1994 and in future 2026 World Cup is also set to host by USA.

39. Europe and FIFA

European team have reached in 19 world cup finals from 21 World Cup played ever. In all world cup matches European countries won 60% of the matches played.

40. Most goal scored in a single FIFA World Cup Tournament.

Just Fontaine is a French striker who have score 13 goals in a single tournament in 1958 in just six matches.

41. Most goal scored in a single match by a team

Hungary is the team to score 10 goals against El Salvador in 1982 Tournament which is a world record.

42. Highest Goals by a player in Single match in World Cup.

A Russian player Salenko holds the record to score 5 goals in a single match played in 1994 world cup against Cameroon which helped Russia to beat Cameroon by 6-1.

43. The oldest player in World Cup

In world cup 2018 Colombian goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon holds the record for the oldest player age 43 years and 3 days. Which was previously held by Cameroon’s Roger Milla with 42 years.

44. Youngest player in World Cup.

Norman Whiteside age 17 years and 40 days is the youngest player to play world cup from Nothern Island in 1982 World Cup against Yugoslavia.

45. Smallest Country to qualify for World Cup

Iceland is the smallest country to qualify for fifa world cup in 2018 with only population of 300,000 citizens.

46. Smallest Country to Host World Cup

Qatar is the smallest country to Host world cup in History.

47. Player with most World Cup wins.

Pele is the only player to win 3 FIFA world cups accordingly in 1958, 1962 and 1970 respectively.

48. 1942 and 1946 World Cup

FIFA world cup was not played in 1942 and 1946 respectively due to world war II.

49. World Cup was Stolen.

In 1983 FIFA world cup was stolen but later it was found and its still a controversy what happened at that time.

50. When will be Final Match Played in FIFA World Cup 2022?

Final match will be played on 18th of December 2022 in Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

51. Which Team may win FIFA World Cup 2022?

It is said that Brazil might win FIFA world cup 2022, but in football it is impossible to judge the winner.


FIFA world cup is the most loved event on the planet. We have discussed some interesting facts about FIFA world cup in this article. Hope you loved it. To get updates on FIFA World Cup 2022 visit out site: Blogstudio.org

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