Brazil vs Serbia Results, Highlights, Goals, Stats, Man of the Match, Points Table Match 16

Brazil vs Serbia Match summery, points table, results, summery, stats, man of the match

Brazil vs Serbia match started on 24 November 2022 at 22:00 Local Qatar Timing.

Brazil vs Serbia Match Results

Brazil won the match with a lead of 2 goals and the score is Brazil 2-0 Serbia

Brazil vs Serbia Match Results

Brazil vs Serbia Summary Highlights

Brazil vs Serbia All Goals

Brazil vs Serbia Match Stats

Brazil vs Serbia Match Stats

Points Table Group G After Brazil vs Serbia Match 16

Points Table Group G After Brazil vs Serbia Match 16

Man of the Match Brazil vs Serbia

Richarlison from Brazil is Man of the match in Brazil vs Serbia match for scoring 2 goals in a match at 62′ and 73′.

Turning Point Brazil vs Serbia

Of course, Richarlison’s two clever goals turned the match into a Brazilian pocket. Brazil does have more pressure than Serbia to score a goal because a draw might be a big loss for Brazil.

Why did Brazil Won?

Brazil was confident from the beginning of the game like giant teams do have. Everybody can smell from their body language that they are going to score a few goals in this match. Their attack was outstanding. They took many shots and very few of them were out of the target. Their passing, defense, attack everything was simply perfect. We can say, they are a strong contender to win the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Why did Serbia Lose?

Serbia was unable to invade Brazilian defense due to which they created very few chances to take a shot. They have smartly or I can say roughly defended the Brazilian attack very well in the first 60 minutes. But that’s Brazil.
You can’t hold them too long with their strong attack. Serbia should have played attacking to make pressure on Brazil which they have failed very badly.

Final Verdict

Brazil played amazingly as usual and kept their winning streak from qualifying matches. They have a chance to win this world cup as their squad looks perfect this time. Serbia has to work hard on its attack to survive in this tournament.

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