Croatia vs Brazil Match Results, Highlights, Goals, Stats, Man of the Match, Round of 16

Brazil vs Croatia Match summery, points table, results, summery, stats, man of the match

What a match!!! Brazil was knocked out of the FIFA World Cup 2022!!!

Croatia vs Brazil Match Results

Croatia vs Brazil Match Highlights

Croatia vs Brazil Penalty Shootout

Croatia vs Brazil Match Stats Complete

Man of the match Croatia vs Brazil Match

Bruno Petkovic is the man of the match in the Croatia vs Brazil match

Why did Croatia win against Brazil?

You can’t say this was upsetting. Croatia deservingly won the match. Croatia completely dominated the game from the start of the competition and never let Brazil come back into the game. What a performance by Croatia. The most deserving win against giant Brazil.

Why did Brazil Lose against Croatia?

Brazil looked overconfident, not confident. They played the prolonged game and not performed like they performed in previous matches. A disappointing performance by Brazil.

Final Verdict

As I said already, It was not an upset. Croatia deserved to win this game. A very disappointing performance by Brazil which leads them to be knocked out of the tournament.

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