Ecuador vs Senegal Results, Highlights, Goals, Stats, Man of the Match, Points Table Match 35

Ecuador vs Senegal Match summery, points table, results, summery, stats, man of the match

Ecuador vs Senegal match will start on 29 November 2022 at 18:00 Local Qatar Timing. Please visit the page when the match starts.

Ecuador vs Senegal Match Results

Ecuador vs Senegal Summary Highlights

Ecuador vs Senegal All Goals

Ecuador vs Senegal Match Stats

Points Table Group H After Ecuador vs Senegal Match 35

Man of the Match Ecuador vs Senegal

Kalidou Koulibaly Is the Man of the match in the Ecuador vs Senegal match.

Senegal kept their dominance from the beginning and played the attacking game as this was the must-winning game for them. Ecuador was supposed to be happy with the draw as well to get qualified. When Ecuador scored a goal to make the scores level with Senegal, Senegal was in serious trouble. At this moment, the quick goal from Kalidou Koulibaly was the turning point of the match or you can say a result of the match.

Turning Point Ecuador vs Senegal

As I said the goal from Kalidou Koulibaly was a turning point in the match. Senegal was supposed to find itself in trouble without that quick goal from Kalidou Koulibaly.

Why Senegal Won

This was the must-winning game for Senegal but not for Ecuador. So it was obvious that Senegal has to play an attacking game but it’s not like Ecuador should play defensively. The attack is the best defense that Ecuador lacked. Senegal played outstanding and up to the mark of how the knockout game should be played. Even though they have less ball possession, created many chances and two of them converted into goals.

Why Ecuador Lost

As I said before, Attack is the best defense. Even if Ecuador was qualified on the draw as well that doesn’t mean you should not create chances. An opponent is playing attacking and somehow they will manage to score goals. Honestly, Ecuador has not played as well as they are. Also, Ecuador got exposed as they don’t have finishers except for Enner Valencia.

Final Verdict

Senegal looked confident and played to win. Ecuador does not seem to be confident as they might have set their priorities to draw. Overall Senegal played amazingly but I am not happy with Ecuador’s performance.

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