England vs Iran Summery, Stats, Man of the Match, Points Table and Results Match 2

England vs Iran Match summery, points table, results, summery, stats, man of the match

England vs Iran Match Started at Khalifa International Stadium 16:00 local time.

England vs Iran Match Results

Final score England vs Iran

England vs Iran Match Summery

Match Started at 16:00 local time Qatar.

3rd Minute – England gets first corner kick at third minute which was kicked by Tripper but England were unable to score goal from this opportunity.

on the same corner Iran player number 11 holds England player but referee did not noticed and no foul was considered.

7th Minute – Iran player did a foul and England got a free kick but missed the opportunity.

8th Minute – Iran Goalkeeper Injured hitting Iranian player.

Game paused from eighth minute and resumed on 16th minute due to Goalkeeper injury.

18th Minute – Iran Goalkeeper was unable to play and got replaced on the same time. Alireza Beiranvand goalkeeper was replaced by Hossein Hosseini.

22nd Minute – Iran received a free kick on 22nd minute.

25th Minute – Till this time in the match England have 73% ball possession while Iran have only 17%.

27th Minute – Saka tried to goal on 27th minute but missed the opportunity.

29th Minute – England again got the chance to goal but again they missed it.

31st Minute – England gets corner on 31st minute.

35th Minute – Jude Bellingham of England scored a goal on 35th Minute leading England by 1-0.

43rd Minute – England got corner and Burkaro Saka used the golden opportunity to Score a goal and succeed. England 2-0 ahead of Iran.

45th Minute – Rahim Sterling again scored a goal for England leading England 3-0 ahead of Iran.

45th Minute– 14 Extra minutes added to the clock.

45+13th Minute – Iran made a foul and England received a free kick. England players started passing the time in Extra minutes waiting for second half of the game.

Second Half Started

48th Minute – Morteza Poraliganji got yellow card

64nd Minute – Saka scored a goal again, making 4-0 ahead.

65 Minute – Mehdi Taremi Scored Goal from Iran making score 4-1

71 Minute – Marcus Rashford scored goal making the score 5-1

89 Minute – Jack Grealish scored a goal making score 6-1

90 Minute – Penalty for Iran after VAR review and Mehdi Taremi scores another goal.

Match Ends

England vs Iran Match Stats

team stats England vs Iran

Points Table Group B After Match 2

group B points table after match 2 england vs Iran

Man Of The Match

Bukayo Saka England Player is Man of The Match for scoring 2 Goals on 43′ and 62′ minutes of the game.

Turning Point England vs Iran

When Alireza Beiranvand(Iran Goalkeeper) got injured early, pressure buildup on iranian side automatically. Also the substitute Goalkeeper Hossein Hosseini has not performed well as expected.

Why England Won

No doubt England team is outstanding but today they have performed extraordinary and not made a single mistake. England keep 79% Ball possession that clearly shows england keep their dominance on the game from beginning.

Why Iran Lost

Iran performed well but that was not enough if you are facing a giant like England. Also their ball possession is incredibly low due to which they have not got many chances to score goal.

Final Verdict

England was simply awesome as usual. Iran should perform beyond their limit.

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