France vs Denmark Results, Highlights, Goals, Stats, Man of the Match, Points Table Match 23

France vs Denmark Match summery, points table, results, summery, stats, man of the match

France vs Denmark match will start on 26 November 2022 at 19:00 Local Qatar Timing. Please visit the page when the match starts.

France vs Denmark Match Results

France won the match with 2 goals from Kylian Mbappe.

France vs Denmark Match Results

France vs Denmark Summary Highlights

France vs Denmark All Goals

France vs Denmark Match Stats

France vs Denmark Match Stats

Points Table Group D After France vs Denmark Match 23

Points Table Group D After France vs Denmark Match 23

Man of the Match France vs Denmark

Kylian Mbappe is the man of the match for scoring 2 goals against Denmark.

Turning Point France vs Denmark

Denmark never failed to upset France. But this time France crushed Denmark. Mbappe’s amazing duo hammered Denmark badly. According to me, the turning point of the match is Mbappe’s second goal in the 86th minute. This late goal crushed Denmark’s hopes and they have no time to come back.

Why did France Win?

I can only say, France deserves to win. Accurate short and even long passing, next-level attacking strategy, and confidently ball shifting in the opponents penalty area give France an amazing victory.

Why did Lost Denmark lose?

Denmark played in defensive mode even though they have very good attacking options. They came back very soon after France scored their first goal but again started defensive gameplay. They have not even taken half of the shots that France did. According to me, Denmark should have played in attacking mode which they lacked.

Final Verdict

France was just awesome as usual but still, I was missing their sharpness like in the first game. Denmark should learn from this match and need to focus on their attack more than their defense. I think if you are facing a giant like France, you should play a very attacking game. Because no matter how much you defend, They will break your defense anyways.

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