France vs Poland Match Results, Highlights, Goals, Stats, Man of the Match, Round of 16

France vs Poland Match Results, Highlights, Goals, Stats, Man of the Match, Round of 16

France finished in the first position in Group D and they faced Poland who finished in the second position in Group C. This match was played at Al-Thumama stadium on December 4 2022 at 18:00 local Qatar time.

France vs Poland Match Result

France won the match against Poland and the result is France 3-1 Poland.

France vs Poland Match Result
France vs Poland Match Result

France vs Poland Match Summary Highlights

France vs Poland All Goals

France vs Poland Match Stats First Half

France was continuously trying to dominate Poland in the first half of the game but Poland had equal domination and possession of the ball in the match. France had 56% of the ball’s possession while Poland had 44% possession of the ball. Both teams were taking the same effort to win the match. Poland took 8 shots of which 2 shots were on target while France took 9 shots of which 5 were on target, this shows the accuracy of the French game.

Just a minute before the first half Giroud succeeded in scoring a goal at 44′ against Poland which resulted in a 1-0 lead for France against Poland. Robert Lewandowski was cut off from the game, he was not getting the support from his teammates he deserved.

France vs Poland Match Summery Second Half

In second half Poland started to high-press France and they succeeded and created some chance for scoring but did not convert. France got the opportunity of Poland’s high pressing and Mbappe scored a goal at 74′ and after that at 90+1′ and became the leading goal scorer of this world cup tournament.

Then Robert Lewandowski scored a goal from the Penalty and reduced the lead of France.

Man of the Match in France vs Poland Match

Kylian Mbappe is the man of the match in the France vs Poland Match for scoring 2 goals and a brilliant performance in the game.

Why did France win against Poland?

France has a great young and experienced squad. While most of the players in the squad are winners of the FIFA world cup 2018 like Mbappe, Griezmann, Giroud, and others. They have a better understanding between the players, passing accuracy is great, and they have the best players in every position on the ground.

Mbappe, Griezmann, Dembele, and Giroud played one of their best innings in this match. France used the pace of their young players to take possession of the ball and created many chances for scoring, from which they converted 3 of them into a goal.

Why did Poland lose against France?

Poland has a good squad but their squad has something missing that we have seen in their previous matches. Poland did not score any goals against Mexico and Argentina and now France. Poland has 1 goal in this match and that is of Penalty. Poland’s team seems to be good at defending but they lack attacking skills in their squad.

Poland has a legendary player like Robert Lewandowski but he seems to be cut off from the game. Lewandowski was not getting opportunities and support from his teammates like he should get. Other players were not matching his level of play.

Final Verdict

France will move to Quarter Final of the game and Poland is out of the tournament. France will face the winner of England vs Senegal in the Quarter Final.

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Who is the Man of the Match in the France vs Poland Match?

Kylian Mbappe is the Man of the Match in France vs Poland Match.

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