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Iran vs USA match will start on 29 November 2022 at 22:00 Local Qatar Timing. Please visit the page when the match starts.

Iran vs USA Match Results

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Iran vs USA Match Stats

Points Table Group H After Iran vs USA Match 34

Man of the Match Iran vs USA

Christian Pulisic is the man of the match between Iran and USA

The amazing 38th-minute goal of Christian Pulisic becomes the reason for the USA to finish in the second spot and achieve a round-of-16 spot. Till Christian Pulisic‘s Presence, USA completely dominated the game and was not given a single chance for Iran to come back in the match. But unfortunately, due to his injury during the goal, He got substituted after the first half. But finally, his only goal decided the match result and the USA achieved Round of 16 place.

Turning Point Iran vs USA

According to me, the turning point of the match becomes the goal of Christian Pulisic. Before that goal, Iran was looking very defensive and maybe only looking for a draw. They have not created chances neither kept a ball possession. After that goal, we have seen some energy in Iran’s gameplay.

Why USA Won

USA won because of their pace and energy. They have a young and talented squad which makes their gameplay quicker. They quickly grab the balls from opponents and had many counterattacks. USA simply deserves to be in the round of 16 more than Iran.

Why Iran Lost

Iran was not able to beat the USA pace. In the first half, they were not even able to keep ball possession due to high pressing from USA. Not a single shot from Iran was on target in the first half. Their slow gameplay and low energy is the reason for their loss. Even though they have little bit dominated in the second half and created few chances but no perfect finishing. They even have missed some easy chances which they should not. Overall, not happy with Iran’s performance.

Final Verdict

USA played amazingly and they have the capability to compete in the Round of 16. Harsh truth but even if Iran was the winner today, they don’t have the capabilities to compete in the Round of 16.

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Who is the man of the match between Iran vs USA match?

Christian Pulisic is the man of the match between Iran and USA match.

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