Is Messi’s Argentina out of World Cup Qatar?

Is Messi's Argentina Out From the World Cup 2022

The argentine Team is one of the favorites to win the world cup 2022 Qatar. But wait, what’s so difficult is that they have the most experienced players like Di Maria and one of the best players of all time Lionel Messi. Yes, everything is true, but Saudi Arabia Team became a nightmare for Messi’s Argentina and beat them by Argentina 1-2, Saudi Arabia.

On paper Argentine team is one of the best teams and the best contender to win this world cup, and they had a winning streak of 36. They were near to breaking Italy’s 37-winning streak. But bad luck for them, Saudi Arabia came with a different approach and beat them badly and conceded only 1 goal striking 2.

Argentina’s First Game in World Cup 2022 Qatar

Argentina is scheduled to play 3 matches in the group stages their first match was against Saudi Arabia and the other 2 matches are against Mexico and Poland. But unfortunately, Saudi Arabia lost their first match against Saudi Arabia and is at the bottom of the chart in Group C.

Here is the chart for Group C after Argentina’s first match against Saudi Arabia.

Points Table After Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

Now the next matches of the Argentines are against Mexico and Poland with lots of pressure on the Argentine National Team, which are a really good team than Saudi Arabia. They will try really very hard against Argentina to at least draw the match and receive 1 point. Argentina needs to win both the next matches to secure their position in the round of 16.

While Saudi Arabia needs to win only 1 match more to qualify for the round of 16.

Pressure on Argentine Team

Being a world champion and favorite of all means a lot of pressure and responsibility on the team’s shoulders. That we have seen in the second half of the game. Domination in the game and possession of the ball was in control of Argentina, though they were unable to play against an Asian toddler team.

70% ball’s possession was in the Argentine’s hand, while they received 9 corners from which 5 corners were kicked by none other than Messi. Argentina attempted 15 shots of which 6 shots were on target though they were unable to score.

Di Maria, Messi, and Martinez were on the ground and Argentina lost the match.

Saudi Arabia’s Current Form and Confidence

Saudi Arabia’s current form and confidence are in 7th heaven after beating world champion Argentina. Now they won’t be hesitating playing in front of Poland and Mexico. They just need to win only 1 match and they will be in. Saudi will try hard and might find a way to knockouts.

Saudi Arabia shares a border with Qatar. There were many fans supporting Saudi Arabia in a match against Argentine. There will be more fans cheering for the Middle East champs in further matches after watching their game in first match against Argentina.

Group C Next Matches

Tuesday, 22 NovemberArgentina vs Saudi Arabia2:30 pmLusail
Tuesday, 22 NovemberMexico vs Poland8.30 pmStadium 974
Saturday, 26 NovemberPoland vs Saudi Arabia5.30 pmEducation City
Saturday, 26 NovemberArgentina vs Mexico11:30 pmLusail
Wednesday, 30 NovemberPoland vs Argentina11:30 pmStadium 974
Wednesday, 30 NovemberSaudia Arabia vs Mexico11:30 pmLusail
Group C matches

Till Argentina’s match against Mexico, we might get our top 2 teams for a round of 16.

Saudi Arabia seems to be qualifying in a round of 16 if they just win a match from their further matches.

Best Wishes for Messi’s Argentina

This is the last world cup for all-time Legend Lionel Messi. He is being compared with past legends like Pele and Maradona, but the only difference between these is that have world cups but Messi doesn’t.

Messi’s all-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo and the all-time debatable topic may end with the world cup in the hand of any of them.

We wish the best for Messi as well as Argentina for their future game in the tournament. And we want Messi deep inside the tournament in 2022.

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