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Japan vs Spain match will start on 1 December 2022 at 22:00 Local Qatar Timing. Please visit the page when the match starts.

Japan vs Spain Match Results

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Japan vs Spain Match Stats

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Man of the Match Japan vs Spain

Ritsu Dōan is the man of the match in Japan vs Spain match

What an amazing goal from Ritsu Dōan when Japan desperately needed it. The situation was, Spain already scored a goal and kept complete ball possession. In this scenario, there are very less chances to create attacks and you can’t miss a single opportunity. At this moment, the goal from Ritsu Dōan was a lifeline for Japan. So no doubt he is the man of the match today.

Turning Point Japan vs Spain

The first half was like Japan longed to even touch the ball. Spain kept complete ball possession and scored one goal as well. Then in the second half, a quick goal from Ritsu Dōan changed the complete scenario. Japan came back into the game after that goal and managed to score another one just after a few minutes. So this was the turning point of the game which completely changed the result of this group.

Why Japan Won

Japan came up with a strong mentality, kept patience, and waited for an opportunity. Even though Spain completely dominated them in the first half, they came up in the second half with new energy and scored two back-to-back goals. Japan won because they played to win. We were able to see from their body language that they are here to win. This was the most deserving win for Japan. Hope they will do better in the knockout matches.

Why Spain Lost

Now, this is an important part. Why did a giant Spain lose? I won’t be wrong if I say, Spain got exposed today. If you see their gameplay, they completely focus on ball possession and they do it easily. But keeping ball possession is not important. You have to convert it by creating more and more chances. Now I am shocked at how Spain managed to score 7 goals against Costa Rica. As I can see now, they were struggling to score goals. I can only say here If Spain wants to compete in the knockout stages, they have to improve their gameplay and need to focus on their attack.

Final Verdict

Japan just played out of the box. Pushed their limits and showed the world that they are the biggest threat in the knockout stages and have the capability to compete with any team in this tournament. Really disappointing performance from Spain. Kept 83% ball possession and lose the game. How is even that possible? This game will really affect them in their knockout stages. Let’s see what they can do against Morocco.

Who is the man of the match in Japan vs Spain match?

Ritsu Dōan is the man of the match in Japan vs Spain match

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