Karim Benzema Out of France Squad : WC Curse Hits France

World Cup cure hits france. Benzema out of Squad due to injury

FIFA World Cup Curse is still a Rumor, but this rumor proves itself in every world cup since 2000. 2006 World Cup winner Italy were out from group stages in 2010 world cup, and 2010 world cup winner Spain did not qualify for 2014 world cup Round of 16 while 2014 world cup winner Germany did not qualify for round of 16 in 2018 World Cup.

Now there are rumors about France “Will they qualify for Knockout rounds”? During this conversation just before the world cup starts media hits a News about Karim Benzema out of the France squad due to injure just before the day world cup starts. This is very sad and upsetting news not just for France fans but also for all the FIFA and World Cup fans who likes to enjoy every game of World Cup.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema captains La liga club Real Madrid and plays as a forward striker for France National Team. Karim Benzema is very important player for France National Team, his missing position can not be fulfilled easily.

He is a player who can play any where on the ground. He sticks to the ball and passes it to striker and hits goals. Mbappe another striker of France have the independence to roam anywhere on the ground to find opportunity for a goal is just because of Karim Benzema. Though Didier Deschamps have many other option to replace Karim but he won’t get the result what he would use to get from Karim.

How Deep Can France Go Without Karim Benzema

It is sure that without Karim Benzema France can not win the FIFA world cup title 2022. Still a question stucks in mind how far can France go without Karim Benzema. France is in Group D with teams like Australia, Denmark and Tunisia. Denmark is said to be dark horse of the tournament, but what if Australia or African Champion Tunisia comes in form and destroys France with the help of World Cup Curse. Then history will repeat and France won’t qualify for Round of 16 in World Cup 2022.

Karim Benzema Golden Boot 2022

Before the news of this injury Karim Benzema was considered one of the favorites to win Golden Boot in FIFA World Cup 2022 for highest goal scoring in tournament along with Mbappe.

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