Qatar vs Ecuador: Summery, Stats, Man of the Match, Points Table and Results Match 1

Qatar vs Ecuador: Summery, Stats, Man of the Match, Points Table and Results Match 1

Qatar created history in their first match in FIFA world cup by loosing first match as a Host country in FIFA history. Qatar lost to Ecuador by 2 goals made by Ecuador striker Enner Valencia.

Qatar vs Ecuador Match Results

Final Score Qatar vs Ecuador Summery Match 1

Qatar vs Ecuador Match Summery

Match started

3rd Minute – As match started Ecuador player Valencia scored a goal on 3rd minute but after the review the goal was abandoned by referee.

15th Minute – Qatar goal keeper holds the leg of Ecuador striker Valencia and Ecuador gets Penalty when Enner Valencia hits first goal of FIFA world cup Qatar and 4th world cup goal in his career.

19th Minute – Ecuador missed a goal which was pretty easy.

21st Minute -Qatar player Al-Moeez got a yellow card.

31st Minute – Enner Valencia scores another goal by head for his nation Ecuador and makes his team on lead of 2-0.

36th Minute – Karim a Qatar Player received yellow card.

42nd Minute – Valencia got injured at this moment, who was a key scorer for Ecuador but not replaced.

45th Minute – 5 Minute extra time was added by referee on clock.

45 + 2nd Minute – Qatar missed an easy chance of Goal in extra time before the break.

56th Minute – Yellow card to an Ecuador player Mendis.

60th Minute – Ecuador Player Angelo was injured and replaced due to injury.

62nd Minute – Qatar player Pedro missed a chance of Goal by header.

63rd Minute – Qatar player made a foul

68th Minute РJeremy Sarmiento replace Ibarra who plays as a left wing in Ecuador squad.

70th Minute – Qatar player Hyder made a foul

71th Minute – Hassan Al-Haydos Qatar captain was replaced by Muhammad Mumtari

75th Minute – Akram Afif a Qatar player hits a nice short but misses frame.

76th Minute – Jose Cifuentes replaces Goal scorer of Ecuador team Emmer Valencia

82nd Minute – Qatar player did foul

84th minute – Foul made by Ecuador Player

86th Minute – Substitute player Muhammad Mumtari hits a short to oppositions frame but misses the target.

88th Minute– Ecuador team gets a corner but were unable to score

90th minute Р2 replacements in Ecuador team Moises Caicedo and Michael Estrada come off for Ecuador and were replaced by Alan Franco and Kevin Cortez in the 90th minute. 

90th Minute – 5 minute of extra time was added on clock by referees.

90 + 5min – Qatar teams get first corner but they missed the chance again.

Qatar vs Ecuador Match Stats

Team Stats Qatar vs Ecuador

Points Table of Group A After Match 1

Points table Group A after match 1

Man of the Match

Enner Valencia (2 Goals)

Turning Point

When Saad Al-Sheeb made a foul inside the penalty area, Ecuador got a penalty shoot and Enner Valencia scored an easy goal. From that moment Qatar lose momentum in their game and was never back on track as Enner Valencia scored another goal for his team.

Why Ecuador Won ?

Ecuador looks very comfortable in their gameplay and made their dominance on Qatar from the beginning of the game. They have not given a single chance to Qatar so that they can come back into the game.

Why Qatar Lost ?

From the beginning of the game, Qatar played in defensive mode. May be due to their game plan but honestly they failed badly. They were not able to control the ball and missed easy chances as well.

Final Verdict

Ecuador played a decent game, and not extraordinary. But honestly, Qatar played the worst game today.

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